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When selling a property really counts, video is your most effective tool because it engages the prospective buyer in the experience of enjoying living in your property. In addition:

  1. Over 90% of home buyers begin their search online

  2. A real estate listing with a video is 53 times more likely than a non-video listing to be viewed.

  3. If the first impression of your property is video, they are more than 12 Times as likely to request a showing

  4. Real Estate Videos are the #1 type of video shared at 62%

  5. Over 50 Million video-ready ipads have been sold and they are they are the tool of choice that luxury property buyers use when out in a neighborhood looking for homes.

  6. Today 85% of the buyers that are under 45 years old use video to find a home

And that’s just the beginning! Our Dallas HD Real Estate Videos make you feel like you are IN the home – enjoying the beauty and lifestyle as the homeowner. 

The more luxurious your property is, the more it will benefit from our Dallas Real Estate HD Video services.

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It’s true, our High Definition Real Estate Video showcases your house in the best light to sell.

Ideal for homeowners, real estate agents and property managers alike, our cinematic video style is designed to make luxury property shine with a graceful presentation of how inviting it is to live there. You enjoy much more interest and showings – facilitating a faster sale for top dollar.

To further create the experience of visiting your real estate, we also provide 360° Virtual Tours and professional Video Tours. To showcase your real estate, email Marcus.

We provide a marketing-savvy, Dallas real estate visual services company to help sell or lease your property. Whether that is a house, development, hotel commercial building or resort, our services beautifully showcase all your property has to offer. Call 877-858-0071.